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This web site is brought to you by UPSHOTMD, which stands for Uniting People of Sandy Hook for Our Tomorrows in MarylanD. We seek to preserve the exceptional cultural assets and protect the sensitive environment of Sandy Hook in Washington County Maryland. Sandy Hook is located in the Southern tip of Pleasant Valley, where Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia meet.

We have combined our efforts with CPPV, Citizens for the Preservation of Pleasant Valley. CPPV became an incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit in 2008 with the goal of protecting the environment, quality of life, and historic character of Pleasant Valley and surrounding area, as well as educate its citizens on environmental and historic matters on a non-profit, non-partisan basis through scientific, literary and educational activities and public events. A CPPV membership form, brochure, and bylaws are available.

This web site represents the combined efforts of both groups.

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Every day's observation reveals some new object to interest and wonder . . . and not least, the natural scenery of Maryland Heights . . . The officers and privates of the Eighteenth were very busy when not on duty in examining these several places of natural beauty and sublimity, and were well paid for their difficult and fatiguing excursions. The more an intelligent soldier studied his surroundings in such a place the more he admired his country, and the more he felt that these grand old mountains, beautiful rivers and rich valleys were worth fighting for to save them . . . The sight of such grandeur gave a fresh inspiration to the cause of freedom . . . From "History of the Eighteenth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers in the War for the Union" by William Carey Walker, page 207, 1885.

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